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Khawaja Nimr Majid

Khawaja Nimr Majid

Khawaja Nimr Majid is a distinguished lawyer and business executive, currently serving as the Director of OMNI Group of Companies, a diversified conglomerate involved in various sectors including the power industry. Majid has been instrumental in overseeing the group’s power sector business and is recognized for his expertise and leadership in corporate governance.


Early Life and Education

Khawaja Nimr Majid pursued his legal education and training, becoming a member of the prestigious Lincoln’s Inn, one of the four Inns of Court in London that can call members to the Bar of England and Wales. His legal background has provided him with a solid foundation in corporate law and governance.


Legal Career

Majid began his professional career with RIAA Barker Gillette, a prominent law firm, where he worked as an associate and advocate. During his two-year tenure at RIAA, he gained significant experience in corporate law, advocacy, and legal consultancy, which equipped him with the skills necessary for his future roles in business management and corporate governance.

Career with OMNI Group of Companies

In 2008, Majid joined the OMNI Group of Companies, where he has since played a crucial role in managing and expanding the group’s operations, particularly in the power sector. His legal expertise and strategic vision have been pivotal in navigating the complex regulatory and business landscape of the energy industry.

Corporate Governance

Majid is a certified Director by the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG), reflecting his commitment to upholding high standards of corporate governance. His certification underscores his proficiency in corporate leadership, ethical business practices, and governance frameworks.

Contributions and Impact

Under Majid’s leadership, the OMNI Group’s power sector division has seen significant growth and development. His strategic insights and governance skills have contributed to the group’s robust performance and reputation in the industry.


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