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Sajal Ali receives high praise from Sonam Bajwa | The Express Tribune

Sajal Ali receives high praise from Sonam Bajwa |

Sajal Ali is once again in the spotlight, this time for her much-anticipated project Zard Patton Ban. The teaser trailer release of the drama has ignited a frenzy of excitement among fans and industry insiders alike.

Set to air every Sunday at 8PM, Zard Patton Ban features Sajal alongside Fairy Tale star Hamza Sohail, promising a fresh storyline and stellar performances. The anticipation for the drama has not been limited to Pakistani fans, as witnessed by a heartwarming interaction between the Pakistani A-lister and Indian actor Sonam Bajwa.

Taking to the replies section under Sajal’s post carrying the drama’s teaser, Sonam expressed her admiration with words of praise. “You never fail to amaze me,” the Bollywood star remarked with a red heart emoji.

Sonam’s appreciation for Sajal goes back to 2020 when she waxed lyrical about Pakistani talent with BBC’s Haroon Rashid on his New Year’s podcast. Gushing about the actor, Sonam said, “I’m the biggest, biggest fan of Sajal Ali. She is phenomenal and I feel so happy sharing that I’ve learned so much from her, she’s extraordinary and I think you’d agree.”

She went on to ladle praise on the This is my heart actor, saying how she feels inspired by her. “She’s the best and the finest actress of our times. I really look up to her,” said Sonam.

That’s not all though, Sonam’s love for Sajal stems from her overall love for the Pakistani entertainment industry. The model could hardly contain her excitement when talking about her connection with Pakistani dramas and even revealed that she personally knows some celebs.

“I’m watching Alif, you are near me, this is my heart. You’d be quite surprised, I live in Bombay but I mostly work in Punjab, it’s a small industry, we don’t have much to do or know but I know all about what’s happening in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. I know all the celebs, I know everything,” she reiterated.

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